Self Sufficiency

My lifelong goal is to be totally self sufficient.  Links in this section of my website will be about things I have found that I thought worthy of sharing on this exciting topic.  One of my favorite things are homes built from recycled materials like automobile tires, cans, etc.  I'm not into Global Warming or anything of the sort.  I just like to be self-sufficient.  So please don't lump me into the tree-hugger crowd.  ;)

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Web Link Dennis Weaver's Earthship - Too cool!!

Dennis Weaver is a little too much of a tree hugger for my tastes, but I love his house!  AWESOME!  This is the coolest Earthship I've seen

Web Link A whole site about Earthships

A decent resource about what Earthships are and how to build one.

Web Link More video of Dennis Weaver's Earthship - AWESOME! 974
Web Link Volunteers build a library out trash and bottles

This link is to our ministry website.  Ranae and I used to live at this orphanage while serving as full time missionaries.  I have seen first hand how easy it is to build this type of a structure and I thought I would share the link here.  I hope you enjoy.


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