Hello and welcome to my radio home on the web.   KV5SIX is my amateur radio call sign - and it also serves as a short and unique domain name.   I currently hold an Federal Communications Commission Amateur License with Amateur Extra privileges.   I am also certified as a SkyWarn Storm Spotter by the National Weather Service and use my radio license to contribute during times of bad weather or emergencies.

I have a had a lot of interest in this hobby and have played with a lot of the technology that supports it for many years.  I have been a computer programmer for the last 27 years and looking forward to not only ham radio but also writing software for it. 

I created this website as a place to enjoy and share my hobbies with others.  You will find some ham radio stuff here, but you will also find some Arduino and programming stuff along with a dose of electronics.  There isn't much here at the moment as I just put this site online.  But stick around and check back often.  It's coming soon!

QSL Card

If we recently worked on the air, thanks so much for the contact. I QSL via QRZ.com. If you would also like a card, feel free to drop me a note and I will get one mailed to you asap. No SASE required. Thanks again for the contact, 73, and hope to see you on the air again very soon!